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Anxietea herbal tea pouch 60g

Anxietea herbal tea pouch 60g

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A unique blend of herbal ingredients designed to bring your mind, body and soul back to a state of calm. Anxietea helps to lower your levels of stress hormones so you can centre your thinking.

From a smooth first sip to final drop, you will feel centred by this well-balanced brew. Gentle herbs and spices create fullness and complexity with just a hint of sweet licorice root. Everything is in harmony.

Licorice root
- fights adrenal exhaustion and soothes upset stomachs, cinnamon - naturally regulates blood sugar, peppermint - the menthol within peppermint leaves is an effective muscle relaxant, nettle - contains potassium, magnesium, hypericum- uplifts and balances mood, raspberry leaf - ich in B-complex vitamins to help reduce stress and rose petals - ancient Chinese medicine known to relieve insomnia and anxiousness.

Size: 60g 

Crafted from premium plant-based materials, this pouch is designed to biodegrade naturally in your home compost bin within just 12 weeks.


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