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Al Brown 'Eat Up New Zealand' book

Al Brown 'Eat Up New Zealand' book

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With more than 150 recipes, Al Brown's new book 'Eat Up New Zealand: The Bach Edition', is a nostalgic treasure trove that gets to the heart of what New Zealand bach life is, and the food that reflects that. Combined with stunning food photography and beautiful on-location shots from around the country, this is the perfect gift for every Kiwi.

Al is well known for his love of fishing, so there are plenty of great ideas for using the day’s catch, whether it’s kahawai, kina or crayfish. The book is also jam-packed with excellent recipes for the meat eater, the vege fan and anyone who likes a sweet treat.

We have access to the best fresh produce in the world, and Al’s approach is to start with great seasonal ingredients, cook them simply and add a flavour punch to take each dish to another level. It’s clever, simple and yet refined food that is inherently Kiwi.

These are accessible, generous recipes that everyone will love, for both everyday cooking and entertaining.

Soft cover book with 447 pages.


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