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LED flameless battery wax candle

LED flameless battery wax candle

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Just like a real candle these are made from wax and feature a flickering wick that uses simple LED technology to cast light. They are made from 100% paraffin wax.

The candle has a six-hour timer 'set and forget' function which allows you to programme it to light up and switch off at the same time every day. The candle requires two AA batteries, which should last for 300 hours plus. This candle works with the Sirius remote (not included).

The candle can be used without any mess, fire risk or chance of the flame blowing out in the wind.

Colour: white

8cm wide x 11cm high 
8cm wide x 13cm high
8cm wide x 15cm high
10cm wide x 20cm high
10cm wide x 30cm high


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