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Lexon flip premium reversible alarm clock black

Lexon flip premium reversible alarm clock black

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Lexon's Flip reversible alarm clock is compact and practical. 

This premium version clock features an aluminum finish, a pure black VA LCD display and a sound sensor to wake-up the screen automatically. 

The Flip+ clock has been designed so the alarm is activated or deactivated by the simple gesture of flipping the clock over to either the ON or OFF side. Want your alarm clock ON? You guess it, Flip your clock so the ON side is visible. No need for a wake-up call? Then be sure the OFF side is facing up. 

Equipped with touch controls, you can easily snooze the alarm and adjust the lighting with a tap on the screen.

Colour: black

Dimensions: 10.4 cm long x 6.5cm wide x 3 cm high


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