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Minimalista book

Minimalista book

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Elevate your personal style, trim your belongings, and transform your life, one room at a time, with this visionary lifestyle and home organisation book from organising expert, Shira Gill.

As a professional home organiser with clients ranging from students to multi-millionaires, Shira Gill observed that clutter is a universal stress trigger. Over the years she created a signature decluttering and organisation process that promotes sustainability, achieves lasting results, and can be applied to anyone, regardless of their space or lifestyle.

Rather than imposing strict rules and limitations, Shira redefines minimalism as having the perfect amount of everything - for you - based on your personal values and the limitations of your space.

Now, in Minimalista, Shira shares her complete toolkit for the first time, built around five key steps: Clarify, Edit, Organize, Elevate, and Maintain.

Shira teaches that the most important thing you can do is start, and that small victories, achieved one at a time, will snowball into massive transformation. Broken into small, bite-sized chunks, Minimalista makes it clear that if the process is fun and easy to follow, anyone can learn the principles of editing and organisation.

The Minimalista Manifesto * Buy less; live more. * Invest in high quality + solid craftsmanship. * Opt for natural, sustainable materials. * Treat your space + your stuff with respect. * Shop your own home before hitting the stores. * Celebrate life's little luxuries: fresh flowers, hot water, a good meal with friends. * Try to repair instead of replace. * Embrace negative space and dispose of unwanted items responsibly. * Create a home that supports your personal goals + core values. * Be the gatekeeper of your home. * Say "no" to swag, freebies, and hotel samples. * Say "no" to excess and "yes" to enough.

Hardcover book with 320 pages.


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