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The Home Style Handbook

The Home Style Handbook

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In this inspirational and helpful handbook, interiors stylist and tutor Lucy Gough will teach you how to understand your true style and how to implement it as you decorate your living space.

Your dream home needn't be a spacious, architecturally designed building - it could be small or rented - and with this book you'll discover what you love so you can surround yourself with the colours, furniture, furnishings and finishing touches that inspire you. 

The book includes: 
- How to create and use a moodboard.
- How to translate magazine imagery into your home
- How to create impact with art, plants and accessories
- How to style your kitchen, living room, bathroom, home office and hallway
- Key inspirational case studies - explaining how and why they work so well.

Dimensions: 20.8cm wide x 26.1cm high 

Hardcover, 224 pages


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