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Wild Kinship book

Wild Kinship book

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Conversations wtih conscious entrepreneurs.

Meet the industry leaders who are foraging a new path and changing the world in their wake, from tiny-home builders, permaculture growers and muesli bar curators to ceramic jewellers, coffee bean roasters, hat makers and menstrual cup innovators.

Wild Kinship defies the normal business model and looks at different industries where positive change is being made in the form of simple pleasures like your morning cup of joe. Become inspired creatively, professionally and personally and understand how you as an individual can take the power back and move forward with positive, rewarding and attainable lifestyle changes that help to aid our planet.Wild Kinship is a book about life and love. About our communities, our livelihoods and how to find both balance and success personally, by nurturing the wellness of the world around us.

This hard cover book is written by Monique Hemmingson, it has 240 pages.

Dimensions: 19cm wide x 24cm high


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